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Friday, April 10, 2009

Why do people love elves? Or hate elves?

Does it all come down to Tolkien in the end? Did Orlando Bloom in the Lord of the Rings movies give elves a boost? Where did you first learn to love or hate elves?

If you like elves, what kind of elves do you like best? Elves among their own kind? Urban elves interacting with humans? Solo elves in trouble or on quests? Elves as part of a team? Nice elves? Evil elves? Only elves who ride wolves? (Why, yes, I was completely a fan of Wendy Pini's Elfquest!)

For you, what makes an elf an elf?

Happy Friday!


  1. Strongbow!! ::hearts::

    Elfquest did it for me. I found Tolkien's elves pale, uninteresting things (though I will admit Orlando Bloom did stir a little interest =P); Pini's were interesting and real. I have to admit to liking Laurell K. Hamilton's elves in the Meredith Gentry series, too -- bordering on Tolkienish, but with that Piniesque hard edge and sexiness.

  2. I'm pretty sure I like elves because they look like Spock. Especially as I have a preference for half-elves.

    So you can blame Star Trek. :)

  3. Oh wait, Santa often has some cool elves. I prefer the The Santa Clause elves to other types though. In appearance, but also in personality. <3 Bernard.

    So Star Trek and Santa Claus. :)

  4. I love the Elfquest elves, but am not so much on other elves. Perhaps because they, especially the Wolfriders, felt so real to me.

    Mmm, Spock. Spock is yummy.

  5. The Taltos books by Steven Brust have a pretty interesting take on elves. The elves in that book are Tolkienesque, but unlike Tolkien elves are *not* in the twilight of their history. They still run the world, and they run the heck out of it. The protagonist is a racial-minority human trying to deal with the society of the older, smarter, more powerful, better-organized elves.

  6. Ooh. That sounds pretty cool. I never did read those, and should.