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Monday, March 9, 2009

it's the 98th annual international women's day

Happy International Women's Day!

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  1. If the first IWD was 1911, then this one should be the 99th (though it will have been 98 years from 1911 to now). It's the "gatepost" problem, where you have to decide whether you're counting the posts (individual events) or the length of the boards between them (entire years).

    IWD#1 [--first year--] IWD#2 [--second year--] IWD#3

    After 2 years go by, you're on event number 3.

    So after 98 years go by, you're on event #99. Which means that, after only 99 years have gone by, the 100th International Women's Day will be next year!