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Monday, January 18, 2010

Fun with Plot Generators

Recently, I went on an internet search for plot generators. Here are some of the most intriguing scenarios that popped up for me.

These came from Archetype Writing.
"The story starts when your protagonist opens the closet to find clothes that aren't his/hers. Another character is an alchemist who believes your protagonist owes him/her money."

"The story starts when your protagonist tries to overcome a personal fear. Another character is a bus driver who is your protagonist's favorite musician."

"The story starts when your protagonist breaks up with a romantic partner. Another character is a thief who is researching something terrible."

And my favorite: "The story starts when your protagonist comes out of the closet. Another character is a school teacher who is psychic."

Seventh Sanctum offers a tongue-in-cheek generator specifically for romance.

"In this story, a healer who is burdened with dark knowledge accidentally runs into a healthy druid. What starts as a professional relationship soon turns into infatuation."

"This story takes place in a planetary imperium in a solar-system-spanning syndicate. In it, a clinging media personality runs into a xenobiologist who is a crossbreed of two species. What starts as hate soon turns into love - all thanks to someone pretending to be someone else."

My favorite is "In this story, a just watchman falls madly in love with a grim cartographer."

I love the Plot Twist Generator in particular.
"At this point a paranoid aviator arrives, bleeding from multiple stab wounds."

"Just then a penniless female impersonater arrives and shoots your protagonist's mother."

"The scene changes, and a domineering vampire arrives, carrying a backpack."

And the best one, "Only penguins can save this story."


  1. I am just about ready to use one of these little gadgets. :)

  2. I am so tempted, because it would make such a fun exercise. Maybe I should set up a challenge for myself, when I have a little time.

  3. You're just evil. I clicked on something randomly in the Seventh Sanctum and it said to reenvision the story of the Man in the Iron Mask set on a college campus. I just had a twenty minute conversation with my husband about the core story of the MitIM which to me is deception, the thirst for power/blood and secrets. What better place to set that than a college campus? ARRGGGG! I didn't really need any more plot bunnies...I so love this. Make me stop clicking...seriously...

  4. More distractions for me today. *sigh*

  5. Bwhahahaha my evil plan has succeeded.

  6. Be sure to report back! Or in your blog, or something.

    I couldn't figure out how many variables there were.