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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Alleys and Doorways Print Edition

A while back, my friend Meredith Schwartz edited an electronic anthology titled Alleys and Doorways: Stories of Queer Urban Fantasy for Torguere Press, and I agreed to write an Elspeth Potter story for it. I started that story over twice and eventually abandoned my initial attempt and wrote something completely different in a very limited time period, so it was an interesting experience for me.

Lethe Press has now published a print edition. It's available on so far. I'm not sure how soon it will be available elsewhere. And, possibly ironically, a Kindle edition as well. I haven't yet seen my own physical copy, but I really like the cover!

"In Alleys & Doorways, editor Meredith Schwartz has brought together stories of the odd and mysterious ways that queer life happens in the city. Covering a wide range of styles, moods and emotions, from the poignant and erotic to the whimsical, these tales from a roster of acclaimed authors strive to create new legends for gay urbanites. Featuring several stories that were finalists for the Gaylactic Spectrum Award, this anthology promises to enchant you. Be wary where you read these stories...that train ride, that bus, that sidewalk may lead you to someplace Else...but be assured that your destination in these new alleys, these new doorways, will be an exciting one!"

Here's a review of the anthology at Reviews by JesseWave.

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