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Friday, May 28, 2010

More BEA 2010 Photos

More photos I took at BookExpo America 2010.

The Image Comics booth.

Osprey Books! I used many titles from their "Men-at-Arms" series for World War One research. I, umm, visited them twice. A sales and marketing person found me (and my uses for their books) quite amusing, I think. Since their main audience is usually wargamers and historical reenactors.

Upcoming books from Small Beer Press. The Kathe Koja historical is out in October. It's set in a brothel. I'm also looking forward to the collection of Karen Joy Fowler's newer stories.

Cleis Press. I sold my first story to a Cleis anthology.


  1. I can see The Sweetest Kiss in that Cleis photo. My vampire story is in that one. :) Cool!

    Looks like a book lover's wet dream. :)

  2. Hey, cool! If you click on it, you can get a larger version.