Erotica author, aka Elspeth Potter, on Writing from the Inside

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dating for Writing

If I'm having a really hard time motivating myself to write--and by write, I mean planting myself in a chair to just do it--I make a date. There are several advantages to making a date.

1. The time is scheduled. I feel obligated just because it's in my datebook. I feel even more obligated if I announce that I have a writing date on Twitter or similar.

2. If I don't show up, my fellow writer will be annoyed.

3. If I show up and don't write, the date will be a failure.

4. If I don't show up, or show up and don't write, then I have to tell people I wimped out.

5. I always feel better after I've added wordcount.

So, essentially, a writing date shames me into writing. There are other reasons for writing dates, for instance seeing a writer friend, but right now, making myself write is the main reason for me.


  1. So you actually go somewhere and write together? I've noticed a couple of my writing buddies announce on Facebook that they're writing, but each from their own homes.

    I haven't written anything since the beginning of June.

  2. Yep! That way, neither person can be distracted by, say, their laundry.

  3. I didn't know that you wrote as two people. I thought you were one person.