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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Staying on Top of Blog Reading

I could easily spend hours every day reading other people's blog posts. Plus, I'm always finding new blogs, often through interesting links I'm given on Twitter or LiveJournal. After a long weekend, where I may or may not have gone online, it gets worse.

I add links to my blog reader probably a lot more often than is good for me. Luckily, not every blog has a new post every day, or even every week. And I have a few strategies for staying ahead of my blogroll.

1. If a blog loses my interest for several posts in a row, I ruthlessly cut it from my regular list.

2. I try not to read too many blogs on the same topic. This is tricky for some categories, such as book review blogs. But for, say, blogs about World War One, I stick to two or three of my favorites that seem to offer the best content the most often.

3. Of the blogs I follow, I skim before I read. That way, if a blog is reviewing a book for which I want to avoid spoilers, I can skip the post until I've read the book. Or I can skip reviews of books I read but don't care to hear further opinions about. Or I can skip posts about news items that I've been hearing about all day.

Got any good blogs I should follow?

Does anyone follow blogs on their e-reader? How does that work for you?


  1. I hear ya on #3. I'm a champion skimmer. The skimming then helps me decide if I need to go back and do a proper read, leave a comment etc.

    And I really, really need to follow your advice in regards to #1. I follow countless blogs on my Google Reader that I never read, never comment on, and frankly don't particularly "move" me. So why am I still following them? The ol' fear of "missing out" I guess? Gah.

  2. I need to follow my own advice on #1 a little more assiduously, I think!