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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Website Makeover

My website's makeover is in progress. The hard part, for me, was telling the designer what I want. I'm not that great with visual stuff and when I organize things, they tend to spiral on and on and on rather being laid out in tidy grids. Luckily for me, the designer had a questionnaire for me to fill out.

It's much easier for me to formulate my website ideas around what I like and dislike rather than just imagining what I want it to look like. I now know a lot about what I don't like.

Things I like: organization, organization, and organization. Open space, so it doesn't feel cluttered. Black print on white background.

Things I dislike: blinky lights; animation; splash pages; image maps; blinky animated splash pages that lead to image maps. Sea green backgrounds. Also, I am not fond of taglines for authors, but I understand why some people have them.

What about you? What do you absolutely detest on author websites?


  1. I hate any kind of animation or sound. Just give it to me simple, people.

    Hmm...I have a blue-green background and a tagline. You hate my site, right? ;-)

    Never fear, I'm getting my site revamped in January. And I'm with you. Thank goodness she had a questionnaire. Even then, I'm like "I want it to FEEL like this," because I'm sucktastic at visuals.

  2. Blue-green is nice. There's a particular shade of pale aqua that

    "Feel." Yeah!