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Friday, November 12, 2010

GreenFlea Market in Manhattan

Two friends and I made the trip up to New York City last weekend, for the GreenFlea Market at 77th and Columbus. The setting:

Where furs go to Live Again. Or be Unalive Again? Zombie furs?

I declined to purchase this little fellow. Yes, you are intended to wear him.

Yarn!!! I don't even knit but I was tempted by the bright colors and the oh-so-soft textures. I have friends who knit....

These chandeliers were gorgeous in the autumn sunlight. One of my friends said she'd bought loose parts there before, to make ornaments.

More shinies. I saw much jewelry I liked but it was almost all vintage, and I invariably liked the most expensive ones.

Oh-kay. It's certainly an interesting painting.

The farmers' market moved across the street. Orange cauliflower!

By the time we left, the NYC Marathon was finishing up and the sidewalks were jammed. On the way back downtown for Korean food, we saw a lot of runners wrapped in thermal blankets and walking slowly--or limping--through the subway.

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