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Monday, July 26, 2010

Five Blogging Inspirations

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1. Blog about My Five Favorite.... This could be your five favorite romance novel plots, or your five favorite movies of all time, or your five favorite reviews of your work, or anything really. I'm doing that right now. *cue Twilight Zone theme* ...I suppose you could also do "My Six Favorite..." or "My Seventeen Favorite...."

2. Blog about your News. Don't have any? Are you sure? You don't have to have made a recent sale. You can blog about the accomplishment of finishing writing a story. Or finishing reading a book. Or passing your driver's test. Or finding topics to blog about. It's okay to write about something other than your writing or reading every once in a while.

3. Be inspired by pictures. Collect a folder of pictures, either print or digital, and use them to get you started. Bonus points if you include the picture in the post.

4. Use the Headline technique. Visit or any site that has lots of headlines (this also works with magazine covers). Choose some headlines that appeal to you. The object isn't to comment directly on the headlines, but to see how you can make the ideas or topic of them relate to your writing and/or reading.

5. Post links. You know all those useful links you've been collecting? Post them, preferably in some sort of topic-related group, or with commentary that helps link (heh) them together. You won't be the only one who thinks they're useful.


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  1. Good ideas. I'll keep them in my idea file. I'm just getting started blogging and have so many ideas right now that they are fighting with the erotic romance I'm working on. But I've written more than 5,000 words on the romance this week, so I think the romance is winning.

  2. Victoria, good ideas. I usually have something to write about, and usually include pics just cause I love them. That's a that supposed to be a steampunk laptop?

  3. p.s. Your books have such gorgeous cover art!

  4. Cara, definitely the fiction takes priority!

    Savanna, it is supposed to be a steampunk laptop...but I can't remember where I got the picture!

    I owe all my genius covers to the art director at Harlequin.