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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Smashwords Experiment

Recently, I decided to experiment with Smashwords and Kindle publishing. So far, I much prefer the interface and FAQs on Smashwords, though I've been told most people sell more copies through Kindle.

For my experimental book, I compiled all of my lesbian erotica that was also speculative fiction (some science fiction, some fantasy). All of these stories were originally in print.

Here's the result, Erotic Exploits. You can download a free sample that's 25% of the total, which means at least the whole first story.

Table of Contents:

"Free Falling"
"The Princess on the Rock"
"Place, Park, Scene, Dark"
"Mo'o and the Woman" (also available for free online, elsewhere)

If you buy or download, please let me know how the formatting came through on your device.

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